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Through our suppliers we offer graphic drivers, sensor interfaces and time code receivers. If you have a need of a specific ASIC or an application specific product we will be a place to start.

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S1D13A05 QVGA LCD Controller

The S1D13A05 is an LCD solution designed for seamless connection to a wide variety of microprocessors. The S1D13A05 integrates an LCD graphics controller with an embedded 256K byte SRAM display buffer. The LCD controller supports TFT and passive panel types and includes a Hardware Acceleration Engine to greatly improve screen drawing functions. The S1D13A05 utilizes a guaranteed low-latency CPU architecture that provides support for microprocessors without READY/WAIT# handshaking signals. The 32-bit internal data path, write buffer and the Hardware Acceleration Engine provide high performance bandwidth into display memory allowing for fast display updates. Additionally, products requiring a rotated display can take advantage of the SwivelViewTM feature which provides hardware rotation of the display memory transparent to the software application. The S1D13A05 also provides support for Picture-in-Picture (a variable size Overlay window). The S1D13A05’s impartiality to CPU type or operating system makes it an ideal display solution for a wide variety of applications in embedded markets.


Sensor signal conditioning IC primarily intended for humidity and pressure sensor modules. The MAS6513 can interface both single and dual capacitance sensors.

The heart of the IC comprises of a delta-sigma based capacitance to digital converter (CDC) with a high-resolution output (24-bit). Three different capacitance measurement modes are supported and the output can be proportional to capacitance difference (CS-CR), ratio (CS-CR)/CS or a sum (CS+CR). In addition to capacitance measurement the device has on-chip temperature sensor which is capable of measuring temperature in wide temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C.

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