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In some cases you need to select what frequencies to let through and in other cases you want to eliminate parts of the signals. We help you manage both situations.

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FrequencyPass band: 140 - 175 MHz Stop band: 280 - 525 MHz Input Power150 W MAX Pass Band Insertion Loss < 0.2 dB (typ. < 0.1 dB) Impedance50 Ω Application Low-pass filter for the 150 MHz band Return Loss<14 dB Stop Band Attenuation > 40 dB ConnectionN Female/N Male Dimensions 98 (incl. conn.) x 39.5 x 28 mm 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.1" Weight0.15 kg / 0.33 lb Operating Temperature Range-30°C to +70°C


Crystal filters

4-, 6- und 8-pole filter in Chebyshev or Butterworth design with very low ripple. Centre frequency between 5 MHz and 200 MHz with bandwidth from 1,5 kHz to 75 kHz. For any other frequency please contact us.

  • Low insertion loss. Good intermodulation characteristics.

  • Operating input power 0dBm/1mW; max input power (peak) 10dBm/10mW

  • Temperature range from -40°C… to +85°C

  • RoHS and REACH conform

  • Very good shock and vibration resistance

  • For filter with low group delay characteristic (linear phase filter) in cable-connector-package please contact us.

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